Our History

 Annabelle Candy Company was founded in 1950 by Sam Altshuler with the vision of creating delectable candies that would bring joy to people's lives. Inspired by his passion for confectionery and a desire to share his creations with the world, Sam embarked on a journey to establish a candy company that would be known for its exceptional taste and quality.

With a keen eye for selecting the finest ingredients and a dedication to traditional candy-making techniques, Sam laid the foundation for what would become a beloved brand in the candy industry. Through his hard work, creativity, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Annabelle Candy Company quickly gained recognition and a loyal following.

Annabelle's is best known for its signature candy bar, the Rocky Road. This delightful treat is made with handmade marshmallows, roasted cashews, and creamy chocolate, creating a perfect balance of textures and flavors. It has become a beloved classic among candy enthusiasts.

With the success of Rocky Road, Annabelle’s acquired the Golden Nugget Candy Company and the Carident Candy Company to expand our line of delectable treats to include the brands Abba-Zaba®, Big Hunk®, Look®, and U-No®.

We are committed to delivering quality products, ensuring that every candy bar meets our high standards. Annabelle's sources ingredients from reputable suppliers and carefully craft each product to deliver an exceptional taste experience

Annabelle Candy Company values its loyal customer base and takes pride in providing excellent customer service. We strive to create a positive and enjoyable experience for candy lovers everywhere.