Annabelle Candy Company

A Delicious History

about annabelle candy company


The Rocky Road

Founder Sam Altshuler begins tinkering with candy recipes in his kitchen, eventually creating the now famous Rocky Road. He started selling the candy bars from a pushcart outside movie theaters.


A Company is Born

Sam turns his passion for candy into a company to meet demand for Rocky Road bars, incorporating the Annabelle Candy Company, named after his daughter.

about annabelle candy company
about annabelle candy company


Made in the USA

Annabelle’s breaks ground for its current manufacturing facility and headquarters in Hayward, California, where all products are made.


Expanding the Product Line

Annabelle’s acquires the Golden Nugget Candy Company and the Cardinet Candy Company and with them brands Abba Zabba, Big Hunk, Look, and U-No.

about annabelle candy company
about annabelle candy company


Still Family Owned

Now run by the third generation of the Altshuler family, Annabelle’s continues to create smiles with its delicious, iconic brands.